Underdark Campaign Setting: Staly'kur - Part 2

I am providing a few small samples of the textures I have worked on this week, these textures are more for the buildings and structures that I envision for Staly’kur. Two of the above textures are both seamless so they should be able to provide different kinds of usage or at least that was the idea when I created them.

As you can see I am just now putting the pieces together for buildings and structures, there is very little point in updating the overall map. As I get more of these pieces into place the rest will come together rather quickly. I also need to place both the well and mining area so next week should have a few new updates.

Stone-Tile-Map-I    Stone-Tile-Map-II    Building-Sample-Pieces


Name: Staly’kur

Content Update

Cairite (Clear): This material can be used as a light source, when a spell targets the glass it is absorbed which causes it to shed light. I also plan on it being usable as a replacement spell component for a few specific spells.

Next Week:  We have some buildings to place, find good locations for the well and mining shaft.  When I am finished with these textures I will create a new area for map textures where you will be able to download the file versions used and not these smaller images.

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