Underdark Campaign Setting: Lake of Spires Locations - Staly'kur

If you have looked at the current maps for the Underdark Campaign Setting: Lake of Spires you might notice there is but a single community or settlement type location.  This might be okay if you were only going to run a few sessions but for any length of time for a full blown campaign we are going to need a few more locations.  Then much like the Abaxtur Slave Market, I can come back later and add surrounding maps or you can simply use it as is for anything you need.  I am also going to break down the process into steps so that you can use the pieces for entirely different reasons then I have intended but also to give you a look into what it takes to do these maps.  With each step will there will also be some information as to what I envision.


Name: Staly’kur
Historical Flavor:  I am going with the idea this settlement has been in existence for roughly three decades, it originates from a small dwarven clan looking to build a stronghold and group of recently escaped slaves from a merchant caravan that was ambushed.
Design Notes:  When I am designing a community or settlement you always have to ask, why here?  If you look at the history of the United States and how it was settled there is a clearly a reason as to why places or locations were selected originally.  I have decided this location will have two things going for it, one will be a natural resource and the other will be something added later.  I am adding a new material, the game specs will come later.  I figure it will be some kind of glass like material will allow for a different kind of mining operation to take place.  This material will allow for the trading of the second resource, right now I have plans for something dealing with water.
Settlement Notes:
Cairite (Clear):  There are many different forms of this glass like, design wise I am not sure what I am going to do with this so stay tuned.
Gysirol:  This substance is found on the border between the elemental plane of earth and elemental plane of water.  It is a lot like marble as far as working with it and if you use it to craft a container, the container will never run out of water as long as it is upright.  It isn’t a decanter of endless water however it is a cup that will never empty is my idea here.  Now sure how yet but the leaders of Staly’kur managed to get their hands on some and used it to craft a well.

Next Week:  Time to figure out the flavor of the building designs but also start adding them as well.

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