The RPGAttitude Community

The RPGAttitude Community

While I do not expect much from others, people are free to comment or add to any projects they see on the site.  If there is one thing I have learned over time it is all projects on the internet must be a labor of love and enjoyment for the primary person involved because feedback is limited.

Got a questionThe forums are always available to registered users, have a specific comment concerning and article or wish to add your thoughts then feel free to use the comment feature at the end of each article.

Do you want to show off your new script - If you decided to write your own script or just need help with it, there are discussion forums specifically for that.

Software - This is the home of NPC Designer - 3.5e NPC Generator, Item Designer - 3.5e Magic Item Generator and Evolution: Table Generator.

Textures - We now have a growing number of textures available to users, more will be added on a regular basis.  These are good for adobe photoshop and many other graphic software applications.

Maps - One of the largest underground maps ever drawn is available here, enjoy both smaller campaign style maps and highly detailed map panels.

Underdark Campaign - While there are a few online campaign settings available, none of them ever deal with exploring the depths of the underdark in detail.  That is the goal of the Maps of an Uncharted world.

Dungeon Tiles - This is one of the steps I needed to take and offer as I reach several goals, the idea here is to offer 100's of dungeon tiles/battle tiles for any underdark situation.