Plot Generator - Story Generator (Title Generator)

Plot Generator - Story Generator (Title Generator)

random generator for d20 - random plot generator or random story generatorWhenever I design something for dungeons and dragons I usually rely on a title to keep me on topic and maintain a flow throughout the writing process however sometimes I just can't come up with it on my own so for those moments I rely heavily on plot generators or story generators for some assistance.  I also tend to use these story plot generators when creating new maps in photoshop because they help provide an initial feel for the kind of map I am drawing.  I do have a different view for how I use the generator though.

Plot Generator:  This is mainly when using for game design or photoshop, it sets the backdrop for the kind of monsters and the map I will need so all of the elements come together nicely in the end. This tool also serves as a plot idea generator as well.

Story Generator:  I use this generator to help with background information and history, very easily I can come up with events and things that happened.  A good example is say a small cave got its original notoriety back during the time of the Frog Prince, which would play right into the title of Lost Caverns of the Frog Prince.  So the sky is the limit on how you can piece things together if you just use your imagination and a little help from generators, in addition you can use this as a story idea generator as well.


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RPG Plot Generator/RPG Story Generator:  This is mainly a Fantasy Plot Generator, Plot Title Generator, Story Title Generator, also great for an story idea generator, plot idea generator.

This is one of many RPG Generators available at, please take a moment and look around.  We are always working on a new RPG Generator or expanding existing ones. 

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i am blown away by this story plot generator. seriously keep up the create generators

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