NPC Designer Faqs

NPC Designer Faqs

NPC Designer, is the best 3.5e NPC Generator available to the d20 OGL community, it provides DM's a way to create solid non-player characters without a lot of time invested and can even be modified to use house rules or specifically for their campaign.


What is NPC Designer

NPC Designer is an offline npc generation application focused on two types of users, the users that simply want to select a few things and press a button to get decent results they can use in a game and users who want to tweak, alter, remove and create material so the results are tailored to their campaign.  It was designed for 3.5e d20 OGL Dungeons and Dragons game however it can be modified to work with almost any version of the OGL, this would be for the more advanced user but it does give you an idea of just how customizable it is.  NPC Designer was the first 3.5e d20 OGL software to offer users such aspects of the game like the new stat block and bloodlines.


How it works

NPC Designer was developed on a script based system, while there are some data files to handle spells, skills and such the bulk of the work is handled in scripts giving users complete control over how things actually are generated.  All of the scripts are developed in vbscript so there are tons of websites providing information and help for it and almost every editor can be used on the scripts.