3.5e NPC Generation (Part 2: Why you need a 3.5 NPC Generator)

3.5e NPC Generation (Part 2: Why you need a 3.5 NPC Generator)

3.5e NPC Generation (Part 2: Why you need a 3.5 NPC Generator)

The two most complaints I have ever heard from dungeon masters with regard to 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons has to be; the math and how long it takes to create an npc.  I am well aware of how much time it can take for combat to be resolved but let us not forget that combat is also playing and if your group doesn’t want a lot of combat then you can control that very easily.  I have read some issues regarding the “15 minute day”, that isn’t a game issue or even a 3.5 issue, that’s a dungeon master issue.  I won’t get into how to resolving those kind of issues because it is well out of the scope of this article.  A good dungeon master has to prep for his game, this means creating npcs but what if you could do that in under a minute?  So let’s break down the two issues brought up at the start.

Issue #1:  The math

I grew up on 1e Dungeons and Dragons, not even 10 years old yet but one thing I still can remember was that due to playing dungeons and dragons my reading level shot up and my math skills started to increase as well.  The bad news here is if you want to get away from the math you probably need to consider a MMO or a video game that handles it for you but even in a MMO and a video game you will still find yourself doing math so accept it, if you want to play you will need basic math skills.  I promise you that unless you decide to get crazy there will be no calculus or trigonometry.  Keep in mind this is a game so try not to treat it as a test or pop quiz and more like a game.

Issue #2: How long it takes to create a 3.5 NPC

Trust me I know how long it takes.  When 3.5e first was released there was a website around called The d20 Magazine Rack” and I would enter the monthly contest there for creating NPC of different flavors.  I won quite a few of them and in fact only one I lost that I entered was for the month of February regarding romance, my wife got a laugh out of that.  I would spend days if not a full week going over the NPC, tweaking and massaging it until it was in my eye perfect, it does take a long time to create a serious NPC but they needed because even at the table your players can see and feel the difference from a npc that off the cuff and one you put some thought into.

Solution:  3.5 NPC Generator

When I design an encounter now, first I figure out what is going on in and around the area.  From there I can easily see what kind of monsters would fit for the encounter against the adventuring party, then I start up NPC Designer – 3.5 NPC Generator and change the settings to match what I have in mind and click the “Generate” button.  It is that simple and easy.  Using a 3.5 npc generator to resolve this issue also brings a few more elements to your table such as if a player asks ”what npc looks the weakest”?  Now you know without doubts or hesitation and this is what makes combat run smooth.  I say this because running a game as a dungeon master has a lot to do with your confidence in the game you are running, if you look like you don’t know what you are doing then your players will start to question things more and more.  Having a solid npc designed out is the first step to being a solid dungeon master.  NPC Designer – 3.5 NPC Generator takes things to another level, not just with how it generates your npcs but also how it provides them for you.  After creating your npc and you have the stat block you desire, right click the name on the npc list and select “Game Ready Card”.  This will allow you to create a 3x5 index card image of your npc ready to be printed.    Now you have cards you can lay out as the encounter starts rather than fumble through pages of notes and paper.