Random RPG Name Generator

Random RPG Name Generator

RPG Name Generator - Random Name Generator - d20 GeneratorAs with any campaign setting or world, names are very important because they help make things memorable and also start the imagination process for your players, this handy RPG Name Generator will make that an easy step.  So a goals of mine is to offer a RPG Name Generator for each of the major races that your adventures can encounter in the Underdark Campaign Setting - Lake of Spires.  I view character name generators as being one of the key things needed for any dungeon master because once you start doing it for a while it gets tough to find a good name for all those npcs that are running around in your world.  So a solid random name generator can smooth that over and get the dungeon master back to doing more important things like, world building or designing encounters.  What a good random name generator allows you to do is simple press a button and have a short list of possible names to pick from that fit what you are creating, don't find what you are looking for then it is easy to solve by generating a few more names.

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Current RPG Name Generator (character name generator) flavors Available

Drow Name Generator: Either in your own campaign setting or if using Lakes of Spires, add some depth to your game with this drow name generator.

Fantasy Name Generator Male: Quickly come up with new and unique male names with this fantasy name generator.

Fantasy Name Generator Female: Quickly come up with new and unique female names with this fantasy name generator.

Elf Name Generator Male (Elf/Elven/Elvish): If you need an elven name or creating a list of elven names this male elven name generator will help

Elf Name Generator Female (Elf/Elven/Elvish)  If you need an elven name or creating a list of elven names this female elven name generator will help

Dragon Name Generator Male: Added script support for male dragon name generator

Dragon Name Generator Female:  Added script support for female dragon name generator

Magical Book Name Generator: Need an idea for a magical book, then this magical book name generator should do the trick. If you are looking for finished names then you might want to have a look at our new Book Name Generator.

Demon Name Generator: In most fantasy role playing games or role playing games of a dark nature there tends to be those creatures or demons that exist from outer players or lower planes, this demon name generator will allow you to add personality and depth.



+2 #2 cdiddle 2012-09-05 14:53
yep for fantasy female name and fantasy male name this name generator rocks
+6 #1 M. Cook 2012-08-14 13:53
I am in love with the Fantasy Name Generator you got here and especially love the fact it handles both male and female names. Keep up the great work creating new tools for the gaming industry. I can never have to many fantasy names.

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