d20 Magic Items

Just as spells are a critical component to most fantasy campaigns and game systems, magic items usually don't fall to far behind it.  These magic items are used for the underdark campaign settings Lake of Spires, 3.5e (OGL - d20).  Both spells and magic items are developed based on need and necessity, some in fact are required for survival in harsh environments.

d20 OGL 3.5 Factoricum

d20 OGL 3.5 Factoricum

Strong ATransmutation

It appears to be a brass globe, 6 inches in diameter made up small  size gears and cogs constantly spinning in several different directions and angles.  The gears and cogs seem to change speed and direction based on the movement of the globe as it moves along 4 feet off the ground.


The factoricum is a simple kind of golem, once used extensively by mage lords to make their lives more luxurious (and still valued by them as treasure). Each factoricum is a six-inch diameter ball of brass gears and cogs, constantly spinning and rotating around each other. Though the device weighs 10 lbs., when in use it floats between one and four feet off the ground and moves under its own power. A factoricum cannot attack or speak (except to answer a single question each day, see below), has hardness 10, AC 10, and 50 hp. It can be repaired of damage with any metal- or clockwork-related DC 25 Craft check, at a cost of 10 gp per hp. (Treat all the damage to be repaired as a single item with a final cost of 30 gp/hp to determine how long repairs take), as well as mending and similar magic.

A factoricum can do anything the unseen servant spell can do, as well as cook and sew as if it had Craft (cooking) and Craft (sewing) with +5 bonuses. It also has the movement abilities of an unseen servant. It can answer a single question of its owner each day with 70% accuracy (as the augury spell), and cast an alarm spell (audible alarm only) up to 5 times/day at its owner's direction.

Strong transmutation; CL 9th; Craft (golem), alarm, augury, unseen servant; Price 10,500 gp; Cost 5,250 gp + 420 XP.


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Recent rumors
Come to think of it not long ago there was a person selling maybe such a magic item, if my memory serves me correctly.