The Underdark Campaign Setting - Lake of Spires

The Underdark Campaign Setting - Lake of Spires

Underdark Campaign Setting – Lake of Spires

This area of the world has always been long forgotten, nestled deep underground well below the deepest regions of the more commonly known underdark.  At once time in history it was as always speculated just solid rock; no caverns, no passages, no water and not even air existed.  A common debate amongst intellectuals is if this place even existed prior to the formation of the Lake of Spires region.

Brief History

It was approximately just under thirty thousand years ago, the Infernal Strife war has been raging since the creation of the Abyss and Hell and almost seemed as if it was ingrain in the very nature of their existence.  The mangled chaos of the abyss conjured four alien wizards and during one of the campaigns these wizards cast a spell that even the gods were caught unaware, no one is sure what the intended outcome was but for a moment things were not as expected.  It is theorized that a few of the planes of existence, existed in one single location for a thread of time.  The duration was not long enough to cause any lasting damage to the planes affected but was long enough that a single region would never be the same.  The debate is what planes were actually involved but most agree that it was a physical region of the Underdark, Plane of Dreams, Abyss, Hell, Plane of Radiance and Plane of Shadows.  It is best described for a moment in time nothing existed and yet everything existed in the same space then everything was ripped back into place where it was before the spell was cast.  Of those that agree that this is what happened even less agree on the next hypothesis, not everything was put back where it belonged.  What they do agree on though is super heated lava and magic must of poured forth from the point of the spell and carved opened the passages and caverns that would be called the Lake of Spires.

Overview of Current Major Factions

There are several factions currently in power in the Lake of Spires, it is important to understand that these are not the only powers in the Lake of Spires however they are the ones that are widely accepted and known by the everyone.

The Stone-Axe Clan:  This is a clan of dwarves that have been in the Lake of Spires region for several thousand years, it is believed by them that their god brought them to this region to mine the precious ores and bring glory to his name.  When they originally appeared there were two separate clans, the Stonehammer and Silveraxe clans however after a few centuries an arranged marriage united them into a single clan.

Abaxtur Slave Market:  Some say the slave market has been around since the creation of the Lake of Spires region however for the longest time those were just stories told to children, the truth is the actual slave market has only been around for a few hundred years.  It is said that ever manner of devious service and trade is available at the slave market but be wary because even customers can find themselves on the slave block being sold.  You can find a map of the slave market here.

City of Haelrak:  The city of Haelrak believe that the Lake of Spires region belongs to them and was created for their use alone, to say the least they do not play well with others.  It is believed that the drow of this city have inhabited the region longer than anyone but everyone also knows that drow will twist history to promote their own view and agenda.

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