Item Designer Faqs

Item Designer Faqs

Item Designer was developed out of curiousity more then anything else, I always wanted to see if I could create software that much like a NPC Generator could allow a busy DM quickly create weapons and armor with complete well formatted stat blocks.  The stat blocks for the weapons and armor had to be as such you would find in published material.


What is Item Designer

Item Designer is an offline application that allows a user to make a few selections and with the press of a button create the stat block for the item.  Basically Item Designer is a 3.5 Magic Item Generator for armor and weapons.  If you select it can even randomly select if the item in intelligent or automatically have it intelligent and figure out all of the information accordingly for you.


How it works

Item Designer was developed on a script based system, if you find a material, weapon or armor property you wish to use all you need to do is create a small script for it and Item Designer handles the rest for you.  All of the scripts are developed in vbscript so there are tons of websites providing information and help for it and almost every editor can be used on the scripts.