Welcome to gaming with the right attitude! Here you will find innovative and creative products for RPG games and gaming world. Most of our products are in constant development and aimed at making tasks in gaming convenient and fun, not a hassle and time consuming.  We specialize in new and unique products for the more creative minds.  RPGAttitude for a long time has been known for the creation of NPC Designer, perhaps one of the best 3.5e NPC Generators every created and Item Designer, a unique little tool for quickly creating magical weapons and armor.  Now we have added our own Table Generation software and moving into creating maps for use by any gaming system.  Look around, it should be easy to find something you can use we even give away the textures and such we used to develop the maps.


d20 OGL 3.5 Soft Breeze


It is the small things in life that can command the great rewards and attention, in a world that is almost never without a breeze or wind the ability to break this can become the beneficiary of many favors.  In a world as harsh as the underdark those that bring comfort and luxury are often sought after.

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d20 OGL 3.5 Shades of Self


For the sake of many this spell was lost almost immediately after it was created.  It is said this spell was key to the successful destruction of the drow noble House of Teniseyt however taking down a drow house is no easy matter and they did not go quietly.

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d20 OGL 3.5 Cloak of Dark Shadows


This heavy cloak is sown from black spider silk that has only existed in the darkness until its final enchantment, the cloak actually seems as if shadows were crafted into the lining.  When light touches the cloak it appears as if it never really reaches it and the wearer seems to always be partially embraced in some kind of shadowy light.

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Photoshop Textures - New Dirt Textures

These photoshop dirt texture pictures were taken several years ago with the Sony A200, I swear ever want to notice a difference between camaras?  Just look at the pictures, how things have changed over the years.  These textures are all 1250x1250 because there where certain aspects I was not happy about at 2500x2500.  Even though it is winter at the moment I can see myself heading out for some more dirt textures.


Free Dirt Texture - Free Photoshop Texture Download

Free Dirt Texture - Free Photoshop Texture Download

Free Dirt Texture - Free Photoshop Texture Download


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d20 OGL 3.5 Ring of Deception

 Strong AIllusion

At first glance these rings appear to be the product of jeweler with a high level of craftsmanship, any gemstones they may have are brilliant and dance with the light and the gold metallic band almost glows.  Under closer inspection the gold is not as bright and polished nor is the gemstones as perfect as they once seemed, in fact no amount of effort will make this ring shine.

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