Welcome to gaming with the right attitude! Here you will find innovative and creative products for RPG games and gaming world. Most of our products are in constant development and aimed at making tasks in gaming convenient and fun, not a hassle and time consuming.  We specialize in new and unique products for the more creative minds.  RPGAttitude for a long time has been known for the creation of NPC Designer, perhaps one of the best 3.5e NPC Generators every created and Item Designer, a unique little tool for quickly creating magical weapons and armor.  Now we have added our own Table Generation software and moving into creating maps for use by any gaming system.  Look around, it should be easy to find something you can use we even give away the textures and such we used to develop the maps.


Evolution: Table Generator Released


The first software release for the Evolution Framework has been released to the public.  This small handy tool will easily become a game masters best friend, providing assistance when developing material before their gaming session and a added resource when working on the fly at the gaming table.  Scripts can be developed specificly for your world or you can download them off the internet.  Best of all this tool is free of charge as we attempt to move to develop gaming tools supported through donations.

Written by David Jones Friday, 25 March 2011 14:54


NPC Designer is now free


After years of development and many great reviews from customers, NPC Designer v1 is now free for all to enjoy.  I personally would like to thank all those who helped out over the years, especially to those that assistance with the beta testing.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 04 December 2013 20:25 Written by David Jones Tuesday, 12 August 2008 04:00


Rebuilding the website


As you may have noticed the website has gone through a few changes, not only did we change the content management software but also changed to a different hosting company as well.  Please excuse the mess while we get everything back in working order.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 03 November 2009 22:35 Written by David Jones Sunday, 10 August 2008 00:30


Item Designer is now free


Item Designer started out just with a simple goal, I wanted to be able to having crisp professional stat blocks for weapons and armor.  I hope with offering this for free it helps safe time and makes being a DM just a little easier.

Last Updated on Monday, 09 November 2009 11:21 Written by David Jones Saturday, 07 July 2007 03:54


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