Welcome to gaming with the right attitude! Here you will find innovative and creative products for RPG games and gaming world. Most of our products are in constant development and aimed at making tasks in gaming convenient and fun, not a hassle and time consuming.  We specialize in new and unique products for the more creative minds.  RPGAttitude for a long time has been known for the creation of NPC Designer, perhaps one of the best 3.5e NPC Generators every created and Item Designer, a unique little tool for quickly creating magical weapons and armor.  Now we have added our own Table Generation software and moving into creating maps for use by any gaming system.  Look around, it should be easy to find something you can use we even give away the textures and such we used to develop the maps.


d20 OGL 3.5 Cloak of Stone

Faint ATransmutation

This mottled gray cloak seems to blend with natural stone in the vicinity.  These cloaks appear to be quite normal and in worn condition, something that a commoner would use for daily use.  For those who wish to escape attention though there are few cloaks that offer these combined properties and for that it makes them highly sought after.

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Underdark Campaign Setting: Staly'kur - Part 2

I am providing a few small samples of the textures I have worked on this week, these textures are more for the buildings and structures that I envision for Staly’kur. Two of the above textures are both seamless so they should be able to provide different kinds of usage or at least that was the idea when I created them.

As you can see I am just now putting the pieces together for buildings and structures, there is very little point in updating the overall map. As I get more of these pieces into place the rest will come together rather quickly. I also need to place both the well and mining area so next week should have a few new updates.

Stone-Tile-Map-I    Stone-Tile-Map-II    Building-Sample-Pieces


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d20 OGL 3.5 Unseen Accountant


The huge mountain of coins would have took forever to count except not this time, with but a wave of the hand in minutes and no effort they brave adventuring band were able to divide up the coins evenly without much fuss.

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d20 OGL 3.5 Piwafwi of Fortification (Drow Cloak of Fortification)

Strong AAbjuration

This cloak is usually made of shadowy dark silk or cloth, and appears identical to any other drow made cloak to those familiar with such items and craftsmanship.  Sometimes these cloaks will also have fancy clasps or fur linings however generally they appear to be sturdy garments to protect from the damp underground.

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Underdark Campaign Setting: Lake of Spires Locations - Staly'kur

If you have looked at the current maps for the Underdark Campaign Setting: Lake of Spires you might notice there is but a single community or settlement type location.  This might be okay if you were only going to run a few sessions but for any length of time for a full blown campaign we are going to need a few more locations.  Then much like the Abaxtur Slave Market, I can come back later and add surrounding maps or you can simply use it as is for anything you need.  I am also going to break down the process into steps so that you can use the pieces for entirely different reasons then I have intended but also to give you a look into what it takes to do these maps.  With each step will there will also be some information as to what I envision.


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